Coming in From the Cold

As people get older, their memories improve, then remain about the same, and towards the end, many report (or are observed by others to have) a decline or loss.  Along the way, events can improve or impair memory, from trauma to diet.

I think that something must be going on.  If I could only remember what it was.

I’m pretty sure that something happened last week, something pretty important: People this week sure are acting differently.

I noticed the change late last Tuesday night.  Some people seem more glum than before, others appear to be angrier, and a whole bunch?  A whole bunch are as gleeful as a Christian kid on Christmas morning!

Speaking for myself–I mean who else can I speak for?  The dog?–I’ve been more numb, exhausted, labile, angry, confused, fearful, suspicious, anticipatory, and distracted than before.

I’ve been cooking.  Nice.  And drinking.  Not so nice.  And planning Thanksgiving dinner.  Um, OK.

Of that dinner: Maybe vegetarian appetizers like fried, pressed tofu squares with sesame seeds.  Maybe sides of daal and rice and Collards.

Now if I could only remember what happened last week.  It’s on the tip of my tongue.

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