M.C. Scotto: The Latest from Japan

In just under a week, I’ll return to Japan, trip #23, 3rd this year, this time to be M.C. at an international Congress for a well-known luxury group of hotels, inns, and restaurants.  The plan is to spend a few days sorting through the detritus and facts about cultures, East and West, and have extraordinary experts on hospitality express their knowledge to others with common interests.

Tokyo this time of year seems fragile: White skies, a chill in the air, people hurrying to get out of the cold or rain, and an ebullience in facial and body expressions meant to bring others closer.  It’s not like summer when nature brings us closer to the environment and serves to isolate people, ironically.  Now is a time, in Tokyo, of proximity between people.  It’s fascinating to observe, and lucky to participate in, one way or another.

From quiet whisky bars that prize silence to small clubs with fine acoustic jazz, the city embraces.


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