2017 Dining Trends in Boston

I mean, seriously?  Who am I to ask?  What I know?  Where do I go?

But then again maybe my personal ways are part of a broader trend, maybe others are kind of doing things similarly.

I’m getting all my fruits and vegetables from Tropical Foods in Roxbury and H+H in Cambridge and Shaw’s supermarkets around town.  Tropical is just about the best fruits and vegetables store in the city, and the vibe is so pleasant.  H+H has a number of products as good as what you find in Japan.

I’m going to EATALY, which opened in late November, weekly.  The pasta section is a great deal.  For $12, I get enough pasta for three dinners for two or three adults.  Their fish section, manned by Vinny, has stellar fish and shellfish and if you buy thoughtfully, it’s doable.  The vegetable section sports baby this and baby that and it’s all crazy fresh.  Wonderful breads, better than any bakery in the city.  Then, too, cheeses and cured meats!  The whole experience is like being in Italy.

Where I’ve stopped going is Whole Foods and the best known food stores in town: Overpriced, products that are so-so.  Time for a change.



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