Back To Japan

Home away from home, not exactly, but I am often in Japan these days, and increasingly the challenges and atmosphere there, the solutions and conundrums, the different ways of thinking, add to the past and present of my life.

Hey, it’s like Keynes said: The future isn’t the problem, it’s holding onto past ways of doing things, despite their being inefficacious, that stymies progress.

So I am lucky to have new ways of being in the future.

The work this time focuses on a Japan-based consultancy that offers private Zen temple stays for foreign guests, a piece on exploring Kyoto, and work on a guide to dining.

I flew JAL Business/First Class in December, thanks to Relais & Chateaux work, and that experience was by far the best I had in the air.  Quiet, a seat that became a bed, privacy, delicious food.  As JAL notes:

  • In JAL Business Class, the award-winning JAL SKY SUITE seat is designed to ensure privacy and comfort.    For sleep,  the airline also offers specially designed airweave mattress and pillows along with a comforter to ensure rest.   For entertainment, customers can view the latest movies and other programming on the large 23-inch LCD monitor using the liquid-crystal touch-panel controller.  A retractable privacy panel is also installed.    And each seat has direct access to the aisle.

I’m flying JAL again this time.  It is the only direct flight from Boston to Narita.   As JAL notes:

  • JAL will begin JFK-Haneda service starting April 1, 2017, using the JAL SKY SUITE 777 (Boeing 777-300ER).  

What I like a lot about JAL is how you are immediately in Japan before you actually get there.  Omotenashi or hospitality in the air.  And flying direct is there only way to go.


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