Spring is Here!

European starlings are noisy beginning early in the day.  Green shoots are bursting through the soil.  It is light around 615 AM until about 6 PM.

In February, we ate more meat in one month than we do in four months.  Maybe five or six dinners with beef.  It must have been the cold and darkness.  The protein and fat made up for that.

Now with Spring, food served here is lighter.

Pasta, scallops, fish, shrimp.  Lettuces from the Veneto.

Soon there will be the first mushrooms of the season.

Each day brings news of days to come.

I empty the house of dozens and dozens of books.  Put them out curbside, books I will never read, books I do not remember buying.

Papers from almost forty years ago: Rejections from publishers, acceptances from publishers, bank books, expired passports.

Then before you know it, summer.

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