NYC, Dining, April, 2017

The trend is that equity and higher rents are changing the type of restaurants opening up in town.

Stalwarts are closing.  Prices are going up.  Places are popping up and then closing months later.

You can go high end, lots of places where, for about $800-1200 a couple, you can dine with refinement and complain over dinner about Donald Trump.  Where else is context so removed from reality?

It’s time to stop patronizing these high-end places that collude with the investors who support the regime.  Either that, or quit the lip service, and support the regime.  Who do you think supports these joints?

(Same with low end, like Shake Shack, which is part of an enormous equity fund.  Burger and fries?  You’re paying for the top 1%.)

You can go low end, and for a buck a slice, have a delicious piece of pizza pie.  Great value for the pizzeria because the cost of that slice is about ten cents.

I’ve been going to favorites, and am never disappointed.

Service in Manhattan is especially good, which is refreshing compared to Boston where  front-of-the-house is uniformly dreadful or adequate.

But of course it’s the food where restaurants in NYC excel.

So this weekend it was Via Carota, Yopparai, Ivan Ramen, Cafe Altro Paradiso, Brandy Library, and Schiller’s.

In order: First rate rustic trattoria; delicious hole-in-the-wall sake bar and izakaya; terrific noodles; refined Italian; arguably the best whisky bar in the country; and, a nice, neighborhood American restaurant.



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