The Merry Month of May

Absconded, captivated, captured, whatever, it’s been nearly a month since making note of what is, was, and will be.

There’s an explanation, there always is, even if it’s that the parallel bars in the window block the view of the prison yard below.

In my case, it’s just been a flurry of effort on what has emerged as an unanticipated work inspired by the lost boy on Hokkaido last summer.  Left in the mountains above Hakodate as punishment for his disobedient act of throwing stones at cars, he survived about a week among bears.

I hadn’t intended to start and stay on this project, it has just taken over a lot of my life.  I love the idea of the boy not fitting in and what it implies about families, communities, schools, and even nations.

Then, too, my piece on the ideology of Japanese cuisine was published a couple of weeks ago in University of California Press’s Gastronomica.   See below.

More immediately, we’re talking naps, reading about the disparagement of Korean communities in Japan historically, the reasons for youth unemployment in Japan, and the regimentation of Japanese high schools.

Hmmm…that’s not quite immediate.

Oh, immediate.  Well, that would be thick spears of white asparagus oven roasted, agnolotti stuffed with cheese, and, for some reason, bowls of good if not pricey ramen at a couple of good joints in town.


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