Japan, Multifaceted

Japan is the focus, of course, sort of the flip side of the coin.  On one side is bombast, and on the other is silence.

The latest on Japan will be this, a 200 page book out on 6/23/17, about Japanese ryokan as well as a detailed history of aesthetics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/msuih10na0o88uz/R%26C_JapanBook_v12%20%28full%20hi-res%29_FINAL.pdf?dl=0

In addition, my new piece on Japanese environmental practices is out this month in University of California’s Gastronomica.  Then, too, there is this month my piece on Hoshino’s new urban ryokan in Tokyo: http://robbreport.com/travel/hotels/new-hotel-new-york-capetown-2715163/

Closer to home, it is page 155 in a long “project” inspired by the boy left in the mountains of Hokkaido last summer.