From the Balcony…

…it’s possible to see the Todi, to the SW, and beside it Selbsanft, after which this building is named.  On the East, the Alps are not as high, but tower still between 6,000-9,000 feet.

It’s quiet now, and will remain quiet, with the occasional hum of an electric transport vehicle, a crow, dogs, and maybe a helicopter or two bringing construction supplies to the village.

Yesterday it was another six hour walk above Braunwald, starting at Gumen, which we had reached by cable car, with old friends from Bern.  Soup in a cafe with cider and bread.  An alpine lake.

Prior, just the day before, we had started from the same place, this time heading West rather than East, and walked up to Rietstockli, a favorite hike, that takes one through valleys, past a pond, and ends with a view of two valleys.  At the top, Urnerboden, in canton Uri, can be seen.

Vals today, only 24 miles away, but a three and half hour trip by train as there are high mountains between us.  The Therme is there, designed by Peter Zumthor, whose bare walls of granite are suggestive.

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