14 Hours Ahead or Behind

Not sure why jet lag this time around seems particularly brutal.  Not so much the disrupted cycles of sleep, moreso the waves of fatigue that happen at any time.

I arrived in Japan a couple of days ago for eight full days.  Tokyo, Kyoto, Tokyo.

The city–Tokyo–seems to be gaunt and celebratory, Christmas lights and decorations up, from big trees to snowmen wearing stovepipe hats.  Trees still bearing leaves and the light crystallized so that things are in stark relief and then vanishing.

Subways crowded, as usual, but delightfully silent and postures showing sleep or recognition of private pleasure barely concealed.

SEO is a wonderful yakitori place beneath Tokyo Station.  Maruzen has a great branch of its Ginza bookstore on the north side of the station that I hadn’t known about until yesterday.  But English language translated books by Japanese authors cost between $20-30, which complicated selection.  Dinner at a vegetarian place near University of Tokyo with a friend who teaches Agriculture there, and is retiring soon.  Late night snacks with another friend in the warrens of big office buildings in Marunouchi.

Morning today in Ginza, assuming no missiles are launched, then a train to Kyoto.

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