@ Narita

@ Narita, once again, after 8 nights in Japan on a trip that took me from Tokyo to Kyoto and back to Tokyo.  Not much between meeting people and taking notes and observing except for really delicious food, from eggs to noodles to broths to chicken to beef to pork.

Late last night, solo @ LAPIN, a subterranean bar in an alley in Ginza. Something out of a movie.  Originally from 1928, habituated by several famous writers, like Dazai, banned during the fascist era, reopened as a coffee salon during the American occupation when liquor was scarce or illegal, moved, reshaped, back to what it was supposed to have looked like nearly a century ago.

It was like being in a movie, from the ancient, doddering, serious staff to the idiosyncratic, outgoing guests, to the low ceilings to the small wooden stools facing the bar.

Now heading to the States.

Couldn’t decide between kaarage, gyu, or yakitori for airplane picnic so bought all three.

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