In the Swiss stations

At the airport, the COOP supermarket is stocked with shelves of food, and the breads, chocolate, chickens, fruits, and vegetables turned out to be delicious.

At the next station, Eduard Hitzberger, whose restaurant Paradies in Ftan I’d been thrilled by ages ago, opened a first-rate coffee shop with wonderful baked goods and freshly prepared foods.  Chef Hitzberger is tuned into environmental concerns and among his sandwiches is: “Insekten Sandwich,” made up of mealworms.

On the top of the mountain, which we reached just before noon by funicular, paths and the one narrow “street” in the village were clear though icy in parts.  The valleys are clear, up here the snow is four or five feet high.

Dinner was Irish smoked salmon on dark bread with Swiss mustard and dried marjoram, curried lentil soup with red onions and a touch of ginger, and fried chicken with an array of cauliflower florets.  Good white Ticinese Merlot from a guy named Guido whom I met years ago, and a decent Pinot Noir from Graubunden.  Good thing I shopped for food at the station as the local restaurants are often crowded and not so restrained as the customers are hungry from a full day of skiing.  The wines were already here.

A late night of the Super Bowl, thanks to German TV.  US internet providers and stations blocked the signal to carriers outside the States.  Germany has regulations about access, and no commercials were aired during the game.

Game over at 415 AM, slept ’til noon.  The Dorfladen is closed on the lunch break.  We might go to the cafe, or wait until the Laden opens.


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