Restaurants in NYC

The more time I spend in town, the more and less I find to eat.  Please allow me to explain.

I went to Il Buco Alimentari three times this week.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Deep flavors, restraint, lots of vegetables, really great ingredients of which there are the right amount.

I went to Tori Shin twice, too.  Yes, I know, yakitori in Japan at a great place will cost about half and be a little better, maybe because of the coals, maybe because of the chickens.  But I don’t live in Japan, and for NYC, this place is first-rate.

Kyo-ya, first visit, on 7th in East Village, probably wins the prize for best meal of many.  Hard to find, down steps, no sign, stunning food that’s deeply seasonal served by a staff with a sense of humor.

Le CouCou, second visit, affirmed that this is for sure the best French in the city.

Sushi Yasuda, Batard, Russ & Daughters, Nakamura, Superiority Burger, Zucker’s, Rubirosa, Pig and Khao, Annieka, Ssam Bar.  All really wonderful.

And that, for now, is the more.  What I find remarkable is the many restaurants all over that just aren’t very good.

But then this roster shows just how good it can be.

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