Psychology of Travel

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been on a jag of reading short European fiction in translation.  It started after reading a review in the TLS of, “The Time of the Doves,” Then I read a review of, “Neapolitan Chronicles.”

After reading that book, in which the author mentioned in one essay some other writers she admires, I turned to a couple of Italian novelists from the 1950’s.  Wound up with, “Conversations in Sicily,” by Elio Vittorini.

These are good “walls’ in which to work between while writing.

The current publication is:

It’s part of a series, and this is the second installment.

All this is made possible by basically staying at home.  And watching basketball or going to games: Center Court, Row 6.

Just eat at home.


My New Book about Japan

What?  A new book?  About Japan?  Well, yeah, but first I have to write it.  Sold the proposal yesterday to Da Capo, major publisher, division of Hachette.  All about the culture, day to day life, and habits of Japanese that lead to acceptance, a degree of conformity, and satisfaction.

Did you know that Japanese spend a lot less on medical care and have better outcomes than here in the land of plenty?

And that observation, silence, and communication through anticipation are central to social organization there?

So much to learn.

I have a year and change to write the book, which will be out in late Spring, 2020, just in time for Summer Olympics Tokyo.