Kiss It Goodbye

As another summer winds down, and what a summer it has been, waves of wet heat keep me housebound as much as possible.  Me, the dog, the cat.

On a positive note, that’s led to a bunch of decent pages of my new book: UKEIRE.  Due with Da Capo in 2019, and out in 2020, just in time for Tokyo summer Olympics, the book touches upon day to day practices that we North Americans might cherry pick from and adapt to life here from Japan.

The #1 failing of all food writing is that it exists outside of time, without contexts, and with little regard for economics, gender, and commentary on current reality. If you look at most of it, it could be 1950, 1960. 1990, etc. It lacks sufficient meaning.

So the challenge of contemporary observation exemplified by this new book is worthwhile.


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