I Just Want Something to Eat: Tale of Two Cities

So I’m driving around town, or on my way back home from work, and pass by pizza joints that sell slices with, is that cheese?, on baked dough, and some of it’s good, especially if you’re hungry, but most of it’s not.  Then, too, burgers.  A plethora of burgers.  Dumplings.  Ramen showing up more and more, and if it’s salt and pork fat you’re after, this cannot be beat.  Croissant the size of a baby’s arm jammed with cheese and ham.  Here and there: Subs, roast beef, sandwiches with enough ingredients to fill a dictionary available in shops where it’s $20 for two slices of bread and a pile-on and an iced tea.


I’m walking down streets or along avenues.  Great vegetarian “burgers.”  Hummus that tastes like it was made an hour ago: Lemony, chick peas, and a little tahini.  Pizza that’s epic, from Rubirosa to Joe & Pat’s.  Potato pancakes and bowls of soup.  A bagel with lox spread for $5.  Cold noodles with carrots and beans sprouts.



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