Sausages in Sudentenland

Sure, the international press has loads of opinions about our boys reclaiming Sudetenland, but all that negative reporting misses the great sausages here–To say nothing of the beer halls.  Why, as we prosper as a nation, must two-bit reporters use their outlets to promote personal agendas?

Closer to home, there is so much “despair” over events that distract from terrific recipes, chefs, and seasonal ingredients. You might think that criticism of Nationalism is more important than how to prepare soups and what sides are best for Thanksgiving.

After all, isn’t it great that highly educated individuals spend their time attracting readers with the best cranberry sauce rather than using analytical skills?  Think about it: If those writing about food chose to provide information about society to readers and viewers and listeners, we wouldn’t have a recipe for chestnut stuffing.

Can you imagine a turkey without stuffing?


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