Best Food Books!

This year’s bumper crop of food books, from recipes for soup to the world’s best restaurants, is surefire.  Let’s take a gander at some of the best.

Yes, the Reichstag is burning, but why go negative?  In, “Berlin’s Beer Halls,” author Pieter Ulrich takes us down back alleys and into luxe hotel cellars showing us where brown shirts and the yet-to-join lift up big steins of frothy, fresh beer.  The famous joints are celebrated while those establishments new to the scene are given their due.

Closer to home, you can bitch about income inequality until the cows come home, but why not wine and dine at the restaurants where private equity is sinking their dough, literally.  In, “America’s Best Pizza and Bakery Franchises,” by Rose Starr, we join in the fun of “eateries” that capitalize on our hunger for fun, fun, fun!  And because wages are kept low, and profit soars on flour and water, you are guaranteed to come back for more.

Books with recipes?  Why, there are books galore!  So never mind about surfing the ‘net and discovering for yourself how to make a bowl of soup or a cheeseburger.  Pick up, “Trading Plates,” by Sally Doherty, in which the author takes us into her kitchen, sponsored by the manufacturers of the products in play, and shows us how to cook, well, everything!

Save room.  In this soon-to-be-classic, Stephanie Hammond is our guide to, “Food Is the Answer.”  Using guided meditation, she reaches back to soothing broths, jams, jellies, and stews, proving that, yes, everything is political.  “You may think,” she writes, “that cooking is a way to avoid engagement with the world, but wait until you taste my toffee pudding!”  Kudos to Hammond!


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