Scott Haas’s new book, “UKEIRERU: Japanese Ways of Acceptance,” will be published by DaCapo in 2020.

He recently completed, “Those Immigrants!,” a book on prominent Indian-Americans, published in May, 2016 by Fingerprint! Publishing.

He is also the author of “Back of the House,” a book about the psychology of being a chef and working in restaurants (Berkley/Penguin).  He wrote: “Hearing Voices” (Dutton) and “Are We There Yet?” (Plume); he is co-author of “The Da Silvano Cookbook” (Bloomsbury).

He won a James Beard award for hosting nationally on air for public radio.

His work can be found in The Points Guy, Travel + Leisure (North America and Southeast Asia), Robb Report, Sewasdee, and Gastronomica.

He has a doctorate in clinical psychology and maintains an active consultative practice emphasizing diagnostic work in psychiatric hospitals and urban communities of color.

THOSE IMMIGRANTS!,” is available at AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Those-Immigrants-Scott-Haas/dp/8175993731/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1464778942&sr=8-1&keywords=scott+haas

BACK OF THE HOUSE, ARE WE THERE YET?, and HEARING VOICES are available through these retailers:







26 thoughts on “About

  1. I do very much appreciate your work Scott…when I read about the wine, cheese and other delicacies you write about – i can basically smell them through your words – keep it up!
    Best, Rob

  2. 250 books!?

    Would you consider donating any of them?

    Future Chefs is a Boston-based scholarship and mentoring non-profit for motivated high school students wishing to pursue a career in the culinary arts. It’s an extraordinary program that’s empowering the next generation of chefs.

    Cookbooks, food novels, historical accounts of food cultivation/production, chef biographies, etc are an invaluable resource for culinary students, foodies, and chefs alike and I’m sure they would be extremely grateful to receive such a gift.

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  4. Hi, just wondered if you are the son of Walter Haas, and Flo Haas, formerly of Plainfield, NJ. If so, then hi. I was your father’s friend when you and your sister were born.

  5. I am still in nj, about 10 miles from the pennsylvania border. I like it very much here. I have been retired for 19 years. The plainfield area is not the same anymore.
    Iris and I were very happy with the move.
    Unfortunately I lost Iris 2 years ago.
    Tell me about Heidi and your folks.

  6. I was just curious as to how you found the time! I think it’s wonderful that you enjoy Japan and its food enough to want to show it to other people. 🙂

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  9. Hi Scott, loved Back of the House have you thought about doing a follow up since Tony Maws opened up Kirkland Tap and Trotter? So much of the book focused on how he didnt/couldnt rely on his staff but that must have changed for him to branch out to the second restaurant? Thanks for the great read!

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  16. Hi, Scott… a ‘blast from the past’ … trying to acknowledge This Day.
    Would love to hear about you, etc. Please reach out!
    A fellow food lover, admiring your work, M Guth

  17. Scott – I just couldn’t resist. Here’s another blast from the past. Richard (or was it Ricky) Weiner from Pretoria, South Africa. We traveled together in Israel and Italy in March, 1974. Travelling to Venice again for the first time this summer, and had some good memories of that trip. My email is rweiner@nelsonnygaard.com if you’re interested in connecting.

  18. Hello, Scott! This is Robert Allen from Plainfield. We traded some comic books in 1972 or so. Are you still a fan? I was writing about that trade on a fan forum and thought I’d see if I could find you.

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